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Brzorastuci trgovinski lanac iz Brckog otvara objekat na Ilidzi, traze 43 radnika

A fast-growing retail chain from Brčko is opening a facility in Ilidža, they are looking for 43 workers

The retail market of Bosnia and Herzegovina is in great expansion.

One of the retail chains with the fastest growth is Belamionix from Brčko, writes

This chain is not so well known to the people of Sarajevo, but it is very strong in the Tuzla and Brča regions, from where it spreads throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Among other things, they will soon open the doors of a new facility in Ilidža, at the address Rakovička cesta 58.

On this occasion, they announced a competition for the employment of 40 traders and three warehouse workers.

Additional information can be obtained by email: or by phone: +387 49 590 915

Belamionix will soon open the doors of its large shopping center in Tuzla, which will be the company’s largest facility to date.

This is a company that last year had revenues of 244 million KM and a profit of over 14 million, which makes it one of the leaders in the industry.

In addition to a developed network of retail stores consisting of shopping centers, hypermarkets, supermarkets and gas stations, they also have a developed own distribution network.