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Belamionix Hypermarket Opens at Melain Center in Tuzla

Prime Minister of Tuzla Canton, Bego Gutić, and the director of Belamionix, Sejfudin Suljić, officially opened the modernly equipped Belamionix hypermarket at Melain Center in Tuzla on Friday. “In front of a large number of citizens, a new modern hypermarket, the first Belamionix facility in the city of Tuzla, was inaugurated today,” said director Suljić, adding that the management of this Bosnian-Herzegovinian retail chain has set itself the task of offering citizens of Tuzla another option at reasonable prices.

This facility will, in a way, strengthen the competition among retail stores in Tuzla, and the main beneficiaries of such competition will be the citizens. “Healthy competition is desirable everywhere. It drives us to be better in terms of service and more accessible when it comes to prices,” said director Suljić.

In his address to the visitors of this hypermarket, Prime Minister Gutić congratulated Belamionix representatives on their business success and wished them good luck in their business endeavors, expressing the expectation that the company will continue to expand throughout the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This investment is valued at approximately 7 million KM and was realized with the company’s own resources. Overall, the hypermarket at Melain Center is the 23rd branch of this retail chain and the 12th in our Canton. The opening of the facility resulted in the creation of around 60 new jobs, out of a total of approximately 600 employees employed by this Bosnian-Herzegovinian retail chain.